How to

Make pages in Green Bank


Home Pages

  •  How to make your own home page:

    • Create a ~/public_html directory in your account.

    • Create an index.html page.  Your home page can now be accessed with the URL: 

    • Fill the page with your home page contents.

    • Create other files in public_html that are linked to from the home page.  For example:  research.html, papers.html, and so on).  Use relative links (not absolute) to link to pages in your area.  Use absolute links to link to pages outside of your account.

    • If you have lots of pages, organize them by creating subdirectories in public_html.

  • What can go in them:

    • Work or professional material

    • Publications

    • Online documentation

    • Online educational material

  • What shouldn't go in them

    • Family information, photos

    • Hobbies

    • Non-NRAO business (e.g., you can't sell your shareware using web pages stored on a NRAO computer).

  • What you should think twice about:

    • Phone numbers

    • Resume's

    • E-mail addresses

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