TO: Aron Benett and Joe Brandt

FROM: Ron Maddalena

SUBJECT: GBT Operator's Position Panel (Revisions and priorities)

The following is a revision of sections 3 and 4 of my previous memo on the GBT operator's position screen. I've tried to include the more important issues we've been discussing but I know I've forgotten to make note of some of them.

Sections I-II.

No significant revisions.

Section III. Widgets:

Label -- Original: text strings with a font size that depends upon the importance of the label widget. Can be horizontal or (rotated) vertical.

Revision: Vertical strings are of moderate priority; need not be done for first prototype. Rotation of vertical strings not critical but would be nice.

Monitored value -- No significant revisions. Current LED widget works best for most cases; your other monitor widgets work fine for the rest.

Buttons -- No significant revisions. Current widgets might need some cosmetic changes but use the current widget for the prototype.

Note that we've not yet discussed whether your system can 'grey' out control widgets in cases when their use is prohibited..

Combined Button and Monitor -- No significant revisions; your current (and equivalent) widget would be OK for the prototype. Might need some aesthetic revision for final version.

Pull Down -- No significant changes; use your current widget.

Limits -- Will need more discussion as to what it will look like. No need to implement for the prototype but will be an important widget I will use throughout the design.

Check Box -- Your current widget is fine but might need some cosmetic changes for the final screens.

Thumb Switch -- As in our discussion, we have numerous possibilities. More discussion and designing of the widget will be needed before we can create the prototype screen.

IV. Telescope Position Panels:

I have given priorities as to what should appear on the prototype screen. At this point, you can assume the elements must appear on the final screen.

Element: 1 and 2 LED display would be great. Again, this might be moved to a separate screen or a hardware display. Include as a high-priority item in the prototype.

Element: 3 and 4 High priority. Are we now clear as to the definition of 'commanded' position (AzEl telescope will take at the start of the next scan, or the AzEl the telescope should be at if during a scan). LED widget looks great for this and elements 5-12, 16-21, 23-28.

Element: 5 and 6: Are we clear what is meant by indicated AzEl? High Priority item.

Element: 7 and 8 High priority items.

Element: 9 and 10: Can be postponed 'till after the prototype.

Element: 11 and 12: Medium priority for the prototype.

Element 13 and 14: Low priority for the prototype but something like this is needed for the 1st or 2nd revisions of the screen.

Element 15 through 28: Of medium to high priority for the prototype.

Element: 29: Not needed for the prototype but will be needed when the subscreen is implemented.

Element 30: An important concept for the operator to test on the prototype. High priority, though all of the 'security' features of the button need not be in place.

Elements 31 and 32: If we already have something we can quickly put together for the prototype, then we should implement something here. Medium priority for the prototype but important for the final screen.

IVb. Position Control

Security measures need not be in place for the prototype screen. I've renumbered the

widgets by adding 100 to the current numbering scheme.

Element: 101 Eliminate for the prototype but an important issue will need more discussion on.

Element: 102 High priority for the prototype.

Element: 103 and 104 High priority. We've kicked around numerous ideas on how to accomplish this. More discussion and implementation work needed.

Element: 105 and 106 Low priority (see element 13 and 14 above) for the prototype but needed soon afterwards..

Element: 107 Medium priority for the prototype.

Element: 108 An important concept to test. High priority.

Element 109: High priority.

Element: 110 High priority.

Element: 111, 112 and 115 through 119 Medium to low priority for the prototype.

Element: 113 and 114 Medium to high priority for the prototype

clearly indicates what is being displayed.

Element: 120 If element 101 is checked, cannot close the screen.