TO: Observers and Operators

FROM: Ronald J. Maddalena

SUBJECT: New Facilities to help with observing remotely with the 140-ft

I have written two new computer utilities, called SubmitObsFile and SubmitObsProc that should assist observers who use the 140-ft remotely or who want to run their observations from the Jansky Lab. SubmitObsFile allows you to submit an observing file from any workstation in Green Bank to a central location that the operator can access. SubmitObsProc does the same for procedure files.

NOTE: Before you attempt any remote observing you should read the article on 140-ft remote observing in the NRAO Newsletter of January, 1994. You should also contact me as soon as you are scheduled on the telescope and no later than at least a few weeks before the observations. Note that some observations either cannot be made remotely or doing so would seriously jeopardize your project.

The steps to use SubmitObsFile or SubmitObsProc are:

Log into your account on a Green Bank workstation (e.g.: telnet If you do not have a Green Bank account, contact Nancy Maddalena ( or 304-456-2205).

Create the observing or procedure file in your account or copy it to the account. See the 140-ft manual for a description of the file contents.

Run the programs by typing either: SubmitObsFile filename or SubmitObsProc filename where filename is the name of the observing or procedure file. If this does not work, try ~oper140/bin/SubmitObsFile filename or ~oper140/bin/SubmitObsProc filename

At any time you can exit the programs with a Ctrl-C.

SubmitObsFile checks the observing file for errors and, if the errors are serious, prints out error messages and terminates. If the errors are not too serious, you are asked if you want to look at the errors or warning messages that the checking program generates.

SubmitObsProc does not check the procedure file for anything but major errors.

The programs ask you if you want to submit the file. If you answer affirmatively, the file is submitted to a central location the operators know about.

You are asked if you would like to compose an e-mail message to accompany the submitted file. If you choose to do so, you will be prompted for the text of your message and the program will automatically send your message.

The operator still needs to send the file to the Modcomp control computer before your observations can begin. Submitted observing files are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Please call me if you have any problems or questions.