MG 1654 + 1356: Einstein Ring
Layers of Tee shirt At left are the layers of the NRAO Tee Shirt showing the MIT Green Bank Gravitational Lens found by Langston et al 1990. Click on the individual images to get big versions.

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Nature Abstract:

High-resolution radiointerferometric observations of MG1654 + 1346, a radio quasar in near-perfect alignment with an elliptical galaxy have been made. It is shown that radio emission is distorted into a narrow Einstein ring that lies within a diamond-shaped region bounded by caustic lines. From the details of the ring structure, a new model for the lensing geometry is deduced which leads to a more accurate estimate of the mass of the lensing galaxy.

Layers of Tee shirt A galaxy image was taken from the NASA photo archive. This image is public domain.
Layers of Tee shirt The radio emission was first detected using the NRAO 300ft telescope in Green Bank, WV. The Einstein Ring image is from VLA observations at 6cm. The ring diameter is 2 arc seconds.
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GBT in front of Sgr A A new post card design is being developed. This design shows the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope, the mountains of West Virgina, the Galactic Plane A (it> Langston etal 2000, A.J., vol 119, pg 2801) radio wavelength (4cm) image of the Milky Way Galaxy and stars in the Milky Way.
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