Sun Tracking Telescopes: Have you noticed the Sun?
Nathanial Discovers the Sun Spins! There is much to discover about the Sun. Yet because the sun is taken for granted, it is almost un-noticed. Even a first grader, like Nathaniel (left), can make discoveries that most people are un-aware of, like the fact that the sun spins. Discover for yourself!

Soumpi Morgan and Grant noticed the Sun Discovering the Sun is much easier if you have a Sun Tracking Telescope and some work sheets. A Sun Tracking Telescope costs about $50 in parts, requires a good pair of binoculars and takes about 8 hours of wood working.
Work sheets are needed for students to make daily records of the motion of Sun Spots. Sun Spots are the key to first discoveries about the Sun. The work sheet shows the size of the planets compared to the size of the Sun, along with the size of the moon and the orbit of the moon around the Earth.

The work sheets come in several sizes, for different magnifications of the telescope system.

The image at left was made by photographing the projection of the Sun from the STT. The Adobe Illustrator was used to crop the image and adjust the contrast to show the spots better. The small image of the Earth indicates the relative size of the Sun Spots compared to the Earth. (Obviously the Earth image was not taken using the STT). Last edited 2003 Sept 19