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Survey of RFI in the frequency range 1800 to 2600 MHz.

Strong RFI is present in the range 2320 to 2345 MHz, but otherwise this spectral band is relatively free of RFI.

The plot below shows the system temperature (T_A) on strong radio source Orion A. The broad band (100 MHz wide) features are due to gain variations in the GBT IF signal path. These data are from Green Bank Telescope project 'AGBT02A_028_04'.

OrionA: 190; Track 1/1

The upper (green) plot shows the X linear polarization on the source Orion A. The lower (red) plot shows a scaled representation of the system gain as a function of frequency.

Ascii Data (2003_11_16_10:43:52A.2.log)

Observing Setup

These data were obtained by Jim Braatz using the GBT. The observing project was 'AGBT02A_028_04' and observation ID was 'test'. Object 'OrionA' was observed on 2003NOV16. The Rest Frequency was 2200.000000 (MHz).

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