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updated on 2004 Nov 10

GBT Pulsar Observations in Audio Format

A collection of GBT pulsar observations are presented as plots and 4 seconds of audio ("AU")format. The 4 second long audio segments are rendered based on the average folded (via "prepfold") GBT observation. The pulsar period is accurately measured and the audio segment is generated by duplicating the pulsar sound for a total of 4 seconds duration. (Ignore the short sound glitches at the beginning and end of each recording.)

For 0329+54, the audio sound is also generated based on a longer, un-averaged time series. Notice that the pulsar intensity fades and returns fairly quickly.

Unix users "play" the audio segments with: /usr/bin/play

Pulsar (Optical Image)Period Plots (s) ASCII Profile Mathematica Notebook AudioCredits (Radio Image)
0329+54 0.714462 ASCII NB 4 Seconds Scott Ransom, Karen O'Neil (30 Second Audio
0531+21 0.033563 ASCII NB 4 Seconds Scott Ransom, Karen O'Neil

0.022717 ASCII NB 4 Seconds Glen Langston

1749-28 0.562614 ASCII NB 4 Seconds Ingrid Stairs
1937+21 0.001557 ASCII NB 4 Seconds Scott Ransom, Karen O'Neil

Future Developments

More pulsar sequences will be added as time permits.
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