Glen Langston's Publications

Publications are listed in inverse chronological order (newest first).

23) First Results from VSOP H. Hirabayashi, et al., 1998 Science, submitted.
22) High Redshift Radio Lines, P.A.S.P. Proceedings C. Carilli, K. Menton, S. Radford, G. Langston, editors, 1998 in preparation. Editor for this book, which is over 300 pages in size
21) VSOP Space VLBI observations of 1413+135 at C band G. Langston, T. Minter, F. Ghigo 1998, B.A.A.S, 29, 1333.
20) 8.35 GHz and 14.35 GHz Continuum Observations of Comet Hyakutake C, A. Minter, G. Langston 1996, Ap. J. Lett., 467, 37.
19) The Lensing Galaxy in MG1549+307, J. Lehar, A. Cooke, C. Lawrence, A. Silber, G. Langston 1996, A.J., 111, 1812.
18) Northern Sky Survey at 8.35 and 14.35 GHz G. Langston 1994, B.A.A.S, 26, 1333.
17)The Gravitationally Lensed Ring in MG1549+307 J. Lehar, G. Langston, A. Silber, C. Lawrence, and B. Burke 1993, A. J. 105, 847.
16)Infrared Images of Gravitational Lens 2016+112 G. Langston et al. 1991, A. J., 102, 1253.
15)Faint Radio Sources and Gravitational Lensing G. Langston et al. 1990, Ap. J., 353, 34.
14)The Forth MIT-Green Bank 5 GHz Survey M. Griffith, G. Langston, M. Heflin, S. Conner, and B. Burke, 1991, Ap. J. Suppl. March 1991
13)The Third MIT-Green Bank 5 GHz Survey M. Griffith, G. Langston, M. Heflin, S. Conner, J. Lehár, and B. Burke, 1990, Ap. J. Suppl., 74, 129.
12) Galaxy Mass Deduced from the structure of Einstein Ring MG1654+1346, G. Langston et al. 1990, Nature, 344, 43, Featured on Cover.
11) The Second MIT-Green Bank 5 GHz Survey G. Langston, et al. 1990, Ap. J. Suppl., 72, 621.
10) MG1654+1346: Einstein Ring Gravitational Lens of a radio Lobe, G. Langston, D. Schneider, S. Conner, J. Lehar, C. Carilli, B. Burke, J. Hewitt, E. Turner and M. Schmidt 1989, A. J., 97, 1283.
9) Radio Sources in the field of Quasars 1146+111 B and C, G. Langston, S. Conner, M. Heflin, B. Burke, J. Hewitt, E. Turner, C. Lawrence 1990, Ap. J., submitted.
8) Resolution of Galaxy and Third Image of Gravitational Lens 2016+112, G. Langston et al. 1988, MIT Conference on Gravitational Lenses, Cambridge Mass. Kluwer: Netherlands
7) Results of the VLA Gravitational Lens Survey J. Hewitt, B. Burke, E. Turner, D. Schneider, C. Lawrence, G. Langston, and J. Brody, 1988, Ibid.
6) Clustering of Extragalactic Radio Sources in the MG 5GHz Survey G. Langston 1988, Large Scale Structure and Motions in the Universe Conference, Trieste Italy Kluwer: Netherlands
5) Unusual radio source MG1131+0456: a possible Einstein ring J. Hewitt, E. Turner, D. Schneider B. Burke, G. Langston and C. Lawrence, 1988 Nature, 333:537.
4) The Triple Radio Source 0023+171: A Candidate for a Dark Gravitational Lens , J. Hewitt, E. Turner, C. Lawrence, D. Schneider, J. Gunn, C. Bennett, B. Burke, J. Mahoney, G. Langston, M. Schmidt, J. Oke, 1987, Ap. J. 321:706
3) 5GHz Radio Structure and optical Identifications of sources from the MG Survey C. Lawrence, C. Bennett, J. Hewitt, G. Langston, et al. (1986), Ap. J. Suppl., 61:105
2) An Apparent Gravitational Lens with an Image Separation of 2.6 Arc-Min, E. Turner, D. Schneider, B. Burke, J. Hewitt, G. Langston, 1986, Nature, 321 , 142
1) Robotics Software Packages in Ada, G. Langston, I. Haque, T. Ionescu, and R. Weiss, 1984, Proceedings of Conference on Robotics in the Aerospace Industry St. Louis, Missouri

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