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SIP Release History

2000 March 16. Version 2.10 of SIP runs as a signed applet in Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

2000 March 9. Version 2.021. Cosmetic changes in the SIP start-up button and process.

1999 October 22. Version 2.02. Improved histogram display.

1999 October 14. Version 2.01. Improved handling of NaN pixel values (NaN is the IEEE 754 real value "Not A Number" --- the standard pixel value for "blank" pixels in FITS images containing real number values).

1999 May 21. Version 2.0 of SIP is "released" (i.e., put on the Web). SIP 2.0 has a number of new features added in response to comments from Virgina Tech students who used the program. This is the first public release of SIP.

1998 July 14. Netscape signed version completed. Official birthday of SIP 1.0.

Note: If your Netscape browser does not load the latest version of SIP (instead it loads a previous version you used in the past), take a look at Java *.jar and "applet not signed" errors. The fix described there works, and is fairly simple.
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