Observer's Name: Kanekar, Vermeulen, Changalur, Ghosh
Project ID: GV017B
Receiver: Rcvr1_2
Stations: GBT, VLBA, Arecibo, Bonn, Joddrell, Medicina,
Torun, Westerbork, Onsala
Description: OH Megamasers in z=0.25 source PKS 1413+135
Notes: Correlate at Socorro
L-band notch filter OUT!
Center Frequency: 1336 MHz
Start Date/Time: Thu Nov 03, 2005 10:00 UT (5 am EST)
End Date/Time: Thu Nov 03, 2005 24:00 UT (7 pm EST)
Number of tapes: 1 (autoallocate) 32 Mbits/sec; 40 ips
Tapes change times: -----
Receiver pol:
1.10-1.45 GHz
LO1 center F0:
phase cal?
1336 MHz (IF3=714)

This is rescheduled as segment B of the proposal, on
November 3, 0400-1845 UT, on the EVN, VLBA, and GB
Observation will be at 64 Mbits/sec.

Correlation will be done in Socorro.

Co-proposer Nissim Kanekar should act as local technical contact person
for this observation.

Note that, as part of the Global session, observe files are due in
both Bologna and Socorro by September 29.