Observer's Name: J.M.Marcaide et al (
Project ID: GM055A    Notes
Receiver: Rcvr4_6
Stations : GBT, VLBA, VLA, Effelsberg,
Medicina, Joddrell, Onsala, Noto
Description Expansion of SN 1993j
Notes: Send tapes to Socorro
Receiver Tuning Frequency: 4990 MHz
Start Date/Time: Sun Oct 31, 2004 11:07 UT
End Date/Time: Sun Oct 31, 2004 21:43 UT
Number of tapes: 2
Tapes change times: 17:00 UT
Receiver pol:
LO1 center F0:
phase cal?
4990 MHz (LO2=12890)
This is scheduled on the EVN, VLBA, and GBT on October 31, 1100-2200 UT,
and on the phased VLA 0600-1730 VLALST, at 256 Mbits/sec.

This will be segment A of the proposal.

I am herewith asking Lourant Sjowerman to serve as local technical contact
person for this observation.

As part of the Global session, observe files are due in both Bologna and
in Socorro by September 30.