Observer's Name: Bietenholz et al
Project ID: BB228A BB228B
Receiver: Rcvr8_10 Rcvr18_22
Stations : GBT, VLBA, VLA, Effelsburg GBT, VLBA, VLA, Effelsburg
Description 9th epoch of SN1986J in NGC891 Evolution of the central source in SN1986J
Notes: Correlate at Socorro
Receiver Tuning Frequency: 8408 MHz 22220 MHz
Start Date/Time: Sun Dec 03, 2006 19:40 UT Sun Dec 10, 2006 19:10 UT
End Date/Time: Mon Dec 04, 2006 10:30 UT Mon Dec 11, 2006 10:00 UT
Disk Usage: 1 Mark5 Disk;
512 Mbits/sec; 2842GB
1 Mark5 Disk;
512 Mbits/sec; 2754GB
Receiver pol: circular circular
LO1 center F0:
phase cal?
8408 MHz
yes (1 MHz)
22220 MHz
yes (1 MHz)
First Source 3C66A; AZ=46; EL=14 3C66A; AZ=46; EL=14
Astrid Files bb228a_obs00_pk
bb228b_obs02_pk bb228b_obs03
bb228b_obs04_pk bb228b_obs05
bb228b_obs06_pk bb228b_obs07
bb228b_obs08_pk bb228b_obs09
bb228b_obs10_pk bb228b_obs11
bb228b_obs12_pk bb228b_obs13
bb228b_obs14_pk bb228b_obs15