Priorities for config_tool Capabilities

  1. Notify user when configuration is complete and all managers are back to ready.
  2. By default, do not put DCR in Scan Coordinator unless it is the principal back end.
  3. Function to add/remove a device from the Scan Coordinator.
  4. Warn if a frequency is within bandwidth of the notch filter (1.18 - 1.35 GHz).
  5. Add noise source as receiver option.
  6. Add balance functions for IFRack, ACS, and SP.
  7. Provide function to force all parameters to be sent to the managers.
  8. Add frequency checks for receivers.
  9. Test PF2 (when next on the telescope)
  10. Test Rcvr40_52 (when next on the telescope)
  11. Add DCR_AF backend.
  12. Add ACS pulsar spigot support.
  13. Add ACS/BCPM combination backend (ACS in pulsar spigot mode)
  14. Add SP/BCPM combination backend.
  15. Add ACS/DCR_AF combination backend.
  16. Add alternate frequency setup, using new keywords "lo1restfreq" and "ifbandwidth".
  17. Allow backend bandwidth to be different from ACS sampler mode.
  18. Add a "pointmode" function which changes the configuration for doing pointing and focus. This accompanied by a function that restores the system to its previous state, e.g., "pointmode('on')" and "pointmode('off')"
  19. Add "verify" function that checks all manager parameters are the way config_tool tried to set them. (maybe this should first do a "reset parameters" to make sure all managers have set their parameters, or should this be a separate function?)
  20. Fix Blanking logic for SP. Should not set blanking time to 0.04 sec unless tracking the LO.