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The Green Bank Telescope

Image above: The Green Bank Telescope, Paul Ruffle, NRAO.

NA ALMA 12-m Antenna - OSF, Chile, Art Symmes, NRAO; 2007.

Art Symmes, P.E.

Senior Structural Engineer


Since starting at NRAO in November 2003, I have been involved in various structural engineering projects dealing with the Green Bank Telescope (GBT) and the ALMA 12-Meter Telescopes.

Green Bank Telescope

Structural efforts on the GBT have primarily involved assessing the Azimuth Track Wear Plate cracking issue.  Other structural efforts have included:

  • Catwalk Structural Cracking at the Actuator Room Level
  • Cracking of the Actuator Support Tubes
  • Stiffener Cracks in the Elevation Bearing Weldment
  • Assessment of Receiver Turret Weight Growth
  • Refinement of GBT Global FEA Model

ALMA 12-Meter Telescopes

A wide variety of structural support efforts have been provided for the ALMA 12-meter telescopes as well as for the ALMA Front End Assembly.  These efforts have included:

  • North American Antenna Production Oversight
  • Nutator Production Technical Manager
  • Front End Optical Tolerance Studies
  • FE FESS Strength Assessment
  • FE Power Supply Chassis Strength Assessment
  • FE OCU & ICCU Enclosures Structural Assessment

My key responsibility at NRAO is to provide a wide range of structural analysis and modeling of Observatory telescope facilities, including all aspects of moving superstructures, azimuth tracks, and foundations. In addition, is participate in structural inspection and preventive structural maintenance programs and work closely with GBT Mechanical Engineer and GBT Chief Telescope Engineer to resolve structural issues.

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