The Green Bank Telescope

VEGAS Development Team

Project structure

The following personnel from NRAO are involved in developing the spectrometer.

  • Karen O'Neil (Principle Investigator, NRAO)
  • John Ford (Principle Investigator, NRAO)
  • Marty Bloss (Project Manager, NRAO)
  • David Frayer (Array Scientist)
  • D. Anish Roshi (Spectrometer Project Scientist & System Architect)
  • Galen Watts (Engineer - Analog and clock distribution)
  • Randy McCullough (Senior Digital Engineer)
  • Jason Ray (Digital Engineer)
  • Patrick Brandt (Software Engineer - M&C)
  • Mark Whitehead (Software Engineer - M&C)
  • Bob Garwood (Software Engineer - KFPA pipeline)
  • Joe Masters (Software Engineer - KFPA pipeline)

The following personnel from CASPER are involved in developing the spectrometer.


The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is a facility of the National Science Foundation operated under cooperative agreement by Associated Universities, Inc.

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