The Green Bank Earth Station has scanned this region on several dates. The data for 95 December 20 are presented for 8.35 and 14.35 GHz. The data are available in FITS Format.

J.D. Kurfess, J.E. Grove (Naval Research Laboratory), D. Messina (SFA, Inc.) and J.Tueller (Goddard Space Flight Center) report: "OSSE observations on the Compton Observatory have been acquired which further constrain the position of the source first reported in IAUC 6272. Data obtained from Dec. 15-17 with the four OSSE detectors scanning along the galactic plane provide a galactic longitude position between -0.27 and +0.17 degrees (95% confidence). The OSSE field-of-view normal to the scan direction is 11.4 degrees FWHM. When coupled with the position reported in IAUC 6275, the location of the transient repeater is constrained to a region with the following coordinates as vertices: R.A = 17h44m34s, Decl. = -28o.576; 17h45m58s, -28o.774; 17h43m11s, -29o.026; 17h41m43s, -28o.816"

The locations of the corners of the boundaries are marked by crosses in the images. The images are produces from scanning the 45' telescope across the center of the region. The brightest source in the images is the galactic center. The extended emission and the sky background is removed by median filtering of the scanned data. The data are in Kelvins, where 1 Kelvin corresponds to roughly 50 Janskies.

Except for the Galactic center, no significiant features are seen. More detailed information will be available latter.

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