Operations Status Help Page

The 43m Tracking Station at NRAO Green Bank West Virginia, maintains an online status summary of the activities of the station. This summary is updated every few seconds and provides a complete summary of the station activities.

Use the RELOAD/REFRESH button if the display is not changing.

Station Inputs

The first line of the station summary table describes two ASCII input files, and the GPS time which are: The commands are Dispatched by a realtime task and the orbit is used by the Geometry task to calculate the antenna angles and link frequencies.

The inputs to the realtime system are processed versions of the Global inputs, conforming to the real time system input specifications. Offline NRAO programs run to convert the global files to the internal file formats. The command files next two commands to be executed are displayed along with the UTC time when they will be executed.

Monitor and Checking Task: Anomalies

A single line displays the anomalies currently detected by the MONCHK task which monitors and checks the station hardware and software. If an anomalous condition exists, it may have one of 4 levels, A number of anomalous conditions occur when the system changes state, (from idle to tracking, etc) so the monitoring task is temporarily suspended during these changes. If anomalous conditions exist, then the first 6 of them will be displayed.

Antenna Pointing

The Antenna azimuth, elevation and status are displayed continuously. The normal idle condition is with the brakes on and accepting computer commands. 2006 October 18 <