TOO - Interferometric Radar Observations of Asteroid 2006 VV2


Near Earth asteroid 2006 VV2 will approach the Earth to within 0.024 AU in late March-early April 2007 at which time we request a short VLBA+GBT session to image and do astrometry of this asteroid while it's illuminated by the Arecibo radar. Synthesis radar imaging can provide plane-of-sky image and position information orders of magnitude better than other ground-based methods, and which is complementary to standard radar mapping. The asteroid's diameter is likely between 1.5 and 2 km, and we expect a spatial resolution of order 50 m. We request the raw data streams in order to correlate in software to achieve a narrow frequency resolution matched to the object's bandwidth which depends on its unknown rotation rate but is likely #20 Hz. However, the echo from this object may be strong enough to be seen at the relatively coarse frequency resolution of the VLBA correlator.

Name Other * Institution Email Phone
Greg Black PI UVA 434-243-8941
Don Campbell Cornell University 607 255 9580
* PI = Principal Investigator; CO = Contact author; T = Thesis observations; S = Student

Front Ends
Gregorian S(1.73 to 2.6 GHz)

Back Ends
Mark 5 recorder (disks)

Type of Observing

Switching Type

Processor (correlator)

Allotted time 2.00 hours

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Updated 09/19/2007