Resolving the Compact Radio Emission of the Luminous Submillimeter Galaxy GOODS 850-3 at z=1.8


Name Other * Institution Email Phone
Emmanuel Momjian PI Arecibo Observatory (Puerto Rico) (787) 878 2612 ext: 251
Kirsten Knudsen Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg +49 6221 528-405
Chris Carilli NRAO - Socorro (505)835-7306
Wei-Hao Wang National Radio Astronomy Observatory (505)8357372
* PI = Principal Investigator; CO = Contact author; T = Thesis observations; S = Student

Front Ends
Gregorian L(1.15 to 1.73 GHz)

Back Ends
VLBA recorder and DAR

Type of Observing
Very Long Baseline Interferometry

Switching Type

Processor (correlator)

Allotted time 14.00 hours

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Updated 09/19/2007