A Search for Young Supernovae in Super Star Clusters


We propose 5 GHz High Sensitivity Array (HSA) observations of three dwarf galaxies within 10 Mpc; these three galaxies contain very strong thermal radio emission from super star clusters (SSCs), and are thought to have extreme starbursts with ages less than about 5 Myr. Although the SSCs apparently are quite young, the high optical extinction makes it diícult to determine their exact ages. We propose to search for young radio supernovae and supernova remnants similar to those detected in the much more distant mergers Arp 220 and Arp 299. The primary goals of this search are to determine or constrain the age range of SSC star formation, measure the supernova luminosities, determine whether multiple supernovae or supernova remnants can be detected in individual SSCs, and determine whether multiple SSCs host supernovae simultaneously.

Name Other * Institution Email Phone
Jim Ulvestad PI NRAO - Socorro julvesta@nrao.edu
Kelsey Johnson University of Virginia kej7a@virginia.edu
Susan Neff GSFC susan.g.neff@nasa.gov 301 286-5137
* PI = Principal Investigator; CO = Contact author; T = Thesis observations; S = Student

Front Ends
Gregorian C(3.95 to 5.85 GHz)

Back Ends
VLBA recorder and DAR

Type of Observing
Very Long Baseline Interferometry

Switching Type

Processor (correlator)

Allotted time 10.00 hours

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Updated 09/19/2007