Spigot Zero Lag Stripchart

This is a preliminary stripchart to let you monitor the zero lag output of the spigot. To run this:

  • Changing the scales:
    • You can blow up the vertical and horizontal axiis using the "+" and "-" buttons. ;
    • You can move up and down the vertical axis with te "U" and "D" buttons;
    • You can move left and right in the horizontal direction with the "<<", ""<", ">>", and ">" buttons;
    • You can change the number of points in the chart by clicking on the "last" button and then filling in the total number of points you want in the sqare to the right of that button;
  • Saving:
    You can save a postscript version of the chart by clicking on the "S" button.

  • Printing:
    You can print the chart by clicking on the "P" button.

  • Determining Values:
    If you move the mouse over the chart, the value at the mouse point will be printed at the botton of the chart.