GBT Update

12 July 2001

As planned, astronomical commissioning of the GBT will resume the week of July 16.  Azimuth wheel alignment was completed last week and all remaining azimuth track work will be finished by July 13.  Surface panel corner setting is essentially finished, with the exception of about 10 (of 2209) corners that require further adjustment.  During the daytime of the week of 15 July, Lockheed Martin will continue structural painting and site cleanup.  LM plans to leave the GBT site by August 1.  The Prime Focus 1 receiver will be installed on 13 July with the 800 MHz feed.  The L-, S-, Ku-, and K-band receivers are installed and cold on the telescope.  The C- and X-band receivers are in the lab for calibration system modifications.  General outfitting activities, including cabling, telephone, and PA system installation, are proceeding well.

Next Monday and Tuesday evenings (16, 17 July) will be used for telescope operator training.  Astronomical commissioning will resume on Wednesday, 18 July with PF1 observations at 800 MHz.   Over the next few weeks, commissioning activities will focus on PF1, L-, and S-band pointing and general commissioning, pulsar system checkout, and commissioning of the GBT Spectrometer and spectral line observing modes.  X-band commissioning will begin by the end of August.

P.R. Jewell / R. M. Prestage