SkyView Images

About these files: All of these images were modified (32 to 16 bit) from FITS files gained through SKYVIEW.
To acquire an image, right-click on the image name and choose "save this target as" or "save link target as".
Those beginning with "and" are the andromeda galaxy:
  • andrad.fts is a radio image, image size: 1.25 degrees in size, VLA-NVSS survey
  • andir3 is an infrared image, 60 microns, image size: 3 degrees, IRAS
  • andvis3 is an optical image, image size: 3 degrees, Digital Sky Survey
  • M51 files:
  • m51rad is a radio image centered on m51, image size 1.25 d, VLA-NVSS survey
  • m51vis is an optical image, size 1 degree, Digital Sky Survey
There are also optical images (from the Digital Sky Survey) of 3 objects which can be compared to their radio images: