GBIPG Meeting

15 December 2003



1.  Review of the PF1 450 RFI data collected on 19 October for the MIT experiment.  (Ghigo)

2.  Presentation of some of our new RFI tracking instrumentation.   (Sizemore)
3.  Summary/celebration of the recent FCC R&O regarding application processing in Quiet Zones.  (Wirt)
4.  Summary of the status of the PF1 spectrum and NRQZ.  (Acree)
5.  Assessment of IPG progress and direction.  (All non-RFI group members)


Attendees:  J. Acree, R. Fisher, J. Ford, F. Ghigo, R. Lacasse, R. McCullough, C. Niday, D. Wirt




1.                  Frank presented a sample of the tabulated data from the 19 October, 2003 PF1 450 RFI scan that was conducted in support of the upcoming MIT experiments.  Frank noted that we need a better means of making such data readily available to Observers.  A database of RFI frequencies was suggested as a possible tool.  Rick noted that such a database might be useful to the IPG, but Observers would benefit more by seeing higher level reports and spectra to assist in observation planning.  It was agreed that we should begin to collate our reports on the RFI management website to make them more accessible to Observers.


2.                  Denise presented some of our new RFI tracking instrumentation to the group.  It was noted that our homemade RFI sniffer has enabled us to mitigate local cable RFI in a period of a few months with minimal burden on the cable company.  It was also noted that a Milestone Communications representative requested and received mfr data on the various commercial off-the-shelf components required to build one for their use.  Jeff noted that a member of the IPG at the EVLA has also expressed interest in the unit. 


3.                  Denise presented a bullet list of highlights from the FCC’s 19 November, 2003 Draft Report and Order on Quiet Zones.  In summary the document is very supportive of Quiet Zones.  The highlights have been posted on the RFI management website.


4.                  To save time, a summary of the status of the PF1 450 spectrum was not provided but Jeff promised to do so by email.


5.                  Jeff presented Carla’s handout on recent anechoic chamber upgrades.  The upgrades include an expanded cable entry bulkhead, new receive antenna support system, and new EUT mast.  He also noted that a general cleanup of the Greenhouse area is underway and said some additional storage cabinets are on order.  The Greenhouse has also been added to the Janitor’s routine cleaning rotation. 


6.                  At the end of the meeting Jeff asked the non-RFI group members to provide feedback on IPG progress and direction.   He asked that input be provided by email.