17 December, 2002 IPG Meeting


Review of the IPG Calender Year 2002 Progress Report Briefing


1. Jeff ran through the slides for the IPG end of year progress report briefing. A lot of useful input was provided by the various members. In general it was noted that the briefing did not place enough emphasis or provide enough examples of short term successes. It was suggested that more slides showing RFI mitigated this year should be added and the long term planning stuff should be kept to a minimum.

2. The following are some of the specific suggestions for things to add:


            - Information that shows how things done helped observers in the short term 

            - More pictures and graphics, less words

            - Laser range finder RFI mitigation

            - RFI spreadsheet upgrade

            - Summer student participation

            - A list of things that will be completed in 03

3. It was noted that the long list of new test equipment should not be presented.

4. It was noted that Phil already knows the details of FCC license processing, so coverage of that should be kept to a minimum.

5. It was noted that the briefing should be 30-60 minutes, but Jeff expressed concerns about the feasability providing a meaningful summary for 6 man years of effort in that amount of time.