Green Bank, WV


August 23,  2000
TO: R. Fisher, J. Ford, F. Ghigo, R. Lacasse, C. Niday, T. Weadon
FROM: R. Fisher
SUBJ.: Minutes of Interference Protection Group 08-22-00 Meeting

In attendance: Niday, Ghigo, Fisher

Minutes of Previous Meeting

FAME antenna transmitter
Informal word from Glen Langston is that the S band FAME transmitter power will be ten watts or less. This is considerably less than the transmitter power requested for a SOHO satellite earth station so the effects on GBT and other receivers on site should be manageable. We will wait for a more formal FAME station proposal before doing a detailed analysis.
Site-wide interference suppression policy - position paper
No progress was reported on the position paper that was an action item at the last IPG meeting. [After today's meeting John and Rick briefly discussed how to proceed with this task.]
Microwave oven shielded box
The microwave oven shielded box is sitting in the OVLBI control room awaiting anechoic chamber tests. This will need to wait for a break in the GBT commissioning work.
RFI considerations for the new Education Center
Frank has not attended the detailed discussions with the Center's architect so we will wait for a report from John at the next IPG meeting
Monitor station developments
Steve White is making good progress on designing an RF amplifier and filter package to be installed at the monitor station platform. Scott Zastoupil, Rick's and Anish's summer student, did a nice job writing software for control of the antenna positioners from the GBT control room RFI Monitor PC. A GPIB interface card has been purchased for this PC, and Charlie Myers is in the process of installing it. This interface with serve for data acquisition from a spectrum analyzer.
Hand-held HF/VHF radio for power switching RFI detection
Chuck has located a number of suitable products for deecting power switching transients from site equipment and will make one or two recommendations at the next meeting.
Progress on suppressing RFI from equipment that has been measured in the anechoic chamber
Nothing in particular to report
Disabled persons transport on site for tours
Nothing to report, but it was noted that accommodation of disabled persons is a site-wide problem. Rick will touch base with Mike Holstine on this item.
Budget and manpower for the year
About $4000 remains in the IPG M&S account.
Turntable for anechoic chamber
No progress to report.
Measurement of PC/Workstation in a shielded box
This has been awaiting the availability of one of the PCs being used by the summer students. A request on our part will probably be required to take a computer off line for RFI measurements when we have time available.
Other agenda items
No other items on today's agenda were discussed.
Next Meeting:  September 12, 2000