Green Bank, WV


August 10, 1999
TO: R. Fisher, J. Ford, F. Ghigo, R. Lacasse,  C. Niday, T. Weadon
FROM: R. Lacasse
SUBJ.: Minutes of Interference Protection Group 08/10/99 Meeting

In attendance: Fisher, Lacasse, Niday

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Call Outs for Interference

Action Item Review
        1. Blanking and sig/ref switching system system for anechoic chamber (Rich, Chuck, Rick)

        2. Site radio system (Chuck)         3. Microwave oven in shielded test box (John)         4. Shielded room entrances (John, Rick)       5. Monitor station and anechoic chamber developments  (Rick, Rich)         6. Progress on suppressing RFI from equipment that has been measured in the anechoic chamber     11. RFI survey plan for GBT Commissioning         No progress on other items on action item list.

Next Meeting: August 24, 0800.