Green Bank, WV

The subject meeting will be held in the NCR on 23 July, 2001.  The following is the agenda:

1. Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) group visit. Proposed agenda attached. (Ford)
2. Shielded room status. (Acree)
3. Shielded window upgrade (Ostaff)
4. Metrology system (McCullough)
5. Feed arm servo (Lacasse)
6. Review progress and remaining milestones for the 3.6 meter RFI antenna installation.  See 7/22 Jeff's email.  (Fisher / Manganello)
7. 3.6 meter RFI antenna RFI (Beaudet)
8. New tour center - ballast testing and selection, "shielded door", Lindgren issues.  See Jeff's 7/22 email.  (Ford / Niday)
9. Computer / FS202 emissions (Beaudet)