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Schedule File Types

Name Description File Type
Graphics Traditional one page graphics display PDF
Legend Brief explanation of Graphics display symbols and short codes PDF
Astronomy Lists each project with additional info (bands, back ends, etc) PDF
Daily Details Lists schedules for each day HTM

Latest Current Schedule.

The latest up to date schedule for the current and future months are listed on the the GBT Observing Schedules home page. The latest versions are always available in the history sections as well.

Versions of the Schedule.

All schedules for FUTURE months will be available in one version only, viz. 1.0. They will be kept up to date regularly but only under version 1.0.
Schedules for the CURRENT month will be updated regularly (almost daily if events are changing fast enough). About once a week or when there are signficant changes to the Astronomical observing a new version will be generated and copied to the historical table below under a newer version number.
The schedules for the past months are available in the history sections by year. The latest version for the month is always the highest version number for that month.

New Schedule Format.

Beginning with the October 2002 the scheduling will be done in Eastern Time (daylight or Standard whatever is appropriate at the time). Therefore the graphics schedule will be displayed in Eastern Time and not in local siderial time. The graphics schedule will have lines indicating 0 (dark), 6, 12 and 18 hours of siderial time so that it should be relatively easy to determine appropriate LST times.

Internal email notification.

The new procedures include keeping all of the latest versions of the schedule files updated on the web. Since schedule details can sometimes change daily I have decided to issue an email notification of schedule changes only when the first schedule for the month becomes available. If the observing schedule is important to know, the web files should always be checked for the latest version.
Last modified: 01/24/03
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