Front Ends (Receivers) - Fe
C Gregorian C(3.95 to 5.85 GHz)
K Gregorian K(18.0 to 26.5 GHz)
B Gregorian Ka B(26.0 to 40.0 GHz)
U Gregorian Ku U(12.4 to 15.4 GHz)
L Gregorian L(1.15 to 1.73 GHz)
Q Gregorian Q(38.2 to 49.8 GHz)
S Gregorian S(1.73 to 2.6 GHz)
X Gregorian X(8.2 to 10.0 GHz)
H Holography receiver H (? to ? GHz)
F K band Focal Plane Array
G K band upper G(22 to 26 GHz)
M Mustang M(90 GHz)
O Other frontend O(? to ? GHz)
3 Prime Focus 1-1 3(0.29 to 0.395 GHz)
4 Prime Focus 1-2 4(0.385 to 0.520 GHz)
6 Prime Focus 1-3 6(0.51 to 0.69 GHz)
8 Prime Focus 1-4 8(0.68 to 0.92 GHz)
A Prime Focus 2 A(0.91 to 1.23 GHz)
R RRI-GBT Multi-band Receiver R(0.3 to 1.0 GHz)

BackEnds - Be
B Berkley Caltech Pulsar Machine
K Caltech Continuum Backend
R Caltech-Green Bank-Swinbourne Recorder 2
C Coherent Green Bank-Berkley Pulsar Processor
D GBT Digital Continuum Receiver
S GBT Spectrometer
Y Green Bank Astronomical Signal Processor
U Green bank Ultimate Pulsar Processor
4 Haystack Mark 4 High bandwidth (> 1Gb/s)
5 Mark 5 recorder (disks)
X Radar backend
2 S2 recorder
P Spectral Processor
M Spectral Processor - Pulsar Mode
G Spectrometer Pulsar Spigot Card
O User supplied or new backend
V VLBA recorder and DAR
Z Zpectrometer

Ops Log Type - OL
A Astronomy
M Maintenance
T Tests
D Shutdown
K Calibration
C Commissioning
N Notscheduled
S Setup