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Observing Requirements for the GBT Spigot Card

Because the GBT's Pulsar Spigot Card both is a complicated instrument to use and it produces a large quantity of data fairly quickly, there are a number of restrictions which we have implemented to insure smooth operation of the spigot card.

Observer requirements:

  • Each observer is expected to provide his/her own external disk drives for transporting spigot data away from Green Bank. Requirements for the external disks are available here. If an observer is unable to provide his/her own external drives, they must contact the Systems Manager at Green Bank (Chris Clark - cclark) to arrange for the loan of an NRAO external drive(s). All loaned drives must be sent back to Green Bank via a reliable method within 7 days of the end of an observing session. Failure to return the disks on time will result in revoking all privileges of the observer (and his/her Co-Is) to borrow any Green Bank hardware in the future.

  • If it was not explicitly stated as being needed in the original proposal, the observer must notify the telescope scheduler (Carl Bignell - cbignell) that he/she desires to use the spigot card at least 4 weeks before their observations begin, and must receive a confirmation from the telescope scheduler that it will be permissible for the spigot card to be used. Note that if the original proposal did not state that the spigot card would be necessary we cannot guarantee that an observer will be able to use the spigot card for observation.

  • Only those modes listed as tested and recommended for use on the online mode list can be used for observing. If a mode is not tested and recommended for use, the observer should contact Karen O'Neil (koneil) to determine when that mode may be available and should not request telescope time until then.

  • Because of the complexity of using the spigot card, we require that an observer become familiar with spigot operations by observing on-sire for a number of days before any remote observing can take place. If an observer wishes to observe with the spigot card remotely, they must get permission from Carl Bignell (cbignell) well in advance of their observations!

  • Spigot data must be moved to an external disk as soon as possible after an observing session

  • All spigot data will be erased from the disks after no more than 72 hours at the end of each observing session, and possibly much sooner to make room for future spigot observations.

  • No one may keep any data on the spigot computer for the long term. If you wish to save a copy of your data on a GBT disk, contact the system administrator (cclark) for the disk space.

Definition - Observing Session:

An Observing Session, as used here, is all the time granted on the GBT for a single project which is scheduled without any interuptions by another spigot project.

For questions or further information, please contact Karen O'Neil (koneil)

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