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Progress towards Implementation

  The GBT is still under construction. It was fortunate that the engineers resisted the temptation to buy the control system computers early in the life of the construction project, as an entire generation of computers has come and gone since then.

All the VME based real-time hardware is in place, some of which have unfortunately been placed on end-of-life status by the vendor already. The general purpose computers have not been purchased, as we are waiting until we need to start integrating them into the final system.

This summer should see the completion of all the computer acquisition and integration, as the telescope should be turned over to NRAO for out-fitting by the beginning of 1999. We procured our network switches last year, and we have been getting experience on them. The site LAN has also undergone some improvement since last year. The link to the Internet has been upgraded from a 56K baud link to a 768Kb Frame Relay link. The internal network has had Ethernet switches added, and 100Mbit Ethernet has been deployed to link the switches.

John Ford
Fri Mar 13 16:06:38 EST 1998