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Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope

NRAO Green Bank

Joe Brandt

Richard Prestage

December 17th, 2001
GBT Software Project Note 6.5

The GBT Tracking Local Oscillator FITS Keyword Definitions

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The FITS format structure is presented for the GBT tracking local oscillator (LO1) scan data files. The scan data FITS files are permanently archived after each observation, and will usually be input to the aips++ filler, which has the task of combining all scan data FITS files into an aips++ Measurement Set. This data may then either be processed further in aips++, or written out in an aips++ supported FITS format (one of which is single dish FITS).

The LO1 FITS files, produced separately for each LO contains binary tables describing the commanded LO1 frequencies as a function of time throughout the scan. This is separated two components separately describing the effects of Doppler tracking frequency switching.


8th November 2001
Penultimate definition of FITSVER 1.1; released for general comment (Richard Prestage).
16th November 2001
Final version agreed for implementation of FITSVER 1.1. Added keywords SITESYS and SITETYPE, and modified discussion of SITELONG, SITELAT, SITEELEV. Changed actual values used. Changed discussion of VELDEF, and move to SOUVEL binary table. Noted VFRAME and RVSYS are true (relativistic) velocities Subsequent changes to the content of this document should increment the document version number (Richard Prestage).
17th December 2001
Documentation corrections for FITSVER 1.1; table names (LO1STATE renamed to STATE, LO1TABLE renamed to LO1TBL), added LSTSTART keyword (Joe Brandt).
15th July 2002
Documenation corrections for FITSVER 1.2; Revised wording of RVSYS keyword and corrected the equation associated with calcuating RVSYS.
18th September 2002
Documenation corrections for FITSVER 1.3; Corrected values of SOUVEL table velocity columns to meters/second. Fits files written with FITSVER of 1.2 and below contain values which were incorrectly written in km/sec rather than meters/sec.
3rd April 2008
Documentation change; clarification of meaning of FREQOFF values in STATE table (Bob Garwood).

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