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Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope

NRAO Green Bank

Richard M. Prestage Mark H. Clark

December 3rd, 2004
GBT Software Project Note 4.2

Device and Log FITS Files for the GBT

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The common FITS format structure is presented for all GBT and related data files. The device FITS files for the GBT are permanently archived after each observation, and will usually be input to the AIPS++ filler, which has the task of combining all scan data FITS files into an AIPS++ Measurement Set. This data may then either be processed further in AIPS++, or written out in an AIPS++ supported FITS format (one of which is single dish FITS).

This document describes a set of keywords, a primary HDU, and three binary tables (STATE, PORT, and DATA) which are common among GBT FITS files. A strategy for achieving this standard is proposed. Finally, a list of GBT FITS files is given with short descriptions and references as to their construction.


8th November 2001
Penultimate definition of FITSVER 1.1; released for general comment (Richard Prestage).
16th November 2001
Final version agreed for implementation of FITSVER 1.1. Cosmetic changes only c.f. 8th November 2001 version. Subsequent changes to the content of this document should increment the document version number (Richard Prestage).
27th November 2001
Added the BCPM to the list of devices that produce FITS files in ``Description of GBT FITS Files'' (Amy Shelton).
2nd December 2004
Changed the format of the value for keyword DATEBLD to be FITS compliant for dates (Mark Clark).

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