Ygor Software Libraries

Library Name Description


An Introduction to the Control Classes. 


The Message system application interface. 


The Sampler interface to the GBT Monitor System (Sending part) 


The Monitor interface to the GBT Monitor System (Receiving part) 

Data Description

An Introduction to the Data Description library


An Introduction to the RPC Communications library for C++. 

C++ Multicast API

Documentation on the Multicast Extensions to the RPC++ library. 

Glish Extension to RPC++

Documentation on the Glish Extensions to the RPC++ library.


The Starlink Positional Astronomy Library Index.


An Introduction to the TimeStamp Class. 

Configuration file parser

A library for reading and writing configuration files.

PVA Library

A library for handling parameters using Position,Velocity and Acceleration (PVA) Information.

Scan (Base) Library

A base library for representation of piecewise parabolic trajectories.

Coordinate Processor Library

A library for processing antenna position commands.

FSM Library

A library for building finite state machines.

Message Processing Library

A library for building message-multiplexing applications.


A library for specifying the IF parameters of the telescope.

MCB Interface

A library for access to hardware using the MCB Standard Interface Protocol.


A library that provides for timed execution of tasks under VxWorks.


A library that provides a VxWorks-style interface to Solaris Threads. (I should really write a lib that does the opposite, provides a posix-threads interface to VxWorks.)


A library of utilities for miscellaneous stuff, like access to environment variables, string parsing etc.

XTerm Display

A library which allows an application to spawn off XTerms, that act like ofstream's. 


Last Modified 10/13/1999