GBT Devices

Device Name Description
ScanCoordinator A virtual device, which coordinates and controls scans start times
Archivist Writes data associated parameters during a scan
Antenna Devices
Antenna The GBT antenna controller
Accelerometer A test device for recording accelerometer data
ServoMonitor A system to monitor the Az/El servo system of the GBT
RcvrPF_1 The prime focus receiver
Rcvr1_2 Gregorian 1-2 GHz frontend
Rcvr2_4 Gregorian 2-4 GHz frontend
Rcvr4_6 Gregorian 4-6 GHz frontend
Rcvr8_10 Gregorian 8-10 GHz frontend
Rcvr12_18 Gregorian 12-18 GHz frontend
Rcvr18_26 Gregorian 18-26 GHz frontend
Rcvr40_50 Q-Band receiver under construction
IF System
SwitchingSignalSelector A system to coordinate switching signals
LO1 The first stage tracking local oscillator controller
Backend Devices
DCR Digital continuum backend
Holography Backend used for holographic measurements
SpectralProcessor The 140ft spectrometer
Spectrometer The GBT spectrometer
Misc. Devices
Tipper The site 86GHz tipper
Hvac Heating and cooling control
Mon140Cryo A cryogenic monitor used at the 140ft.
Weather1 Site weather station 1
Weather2 Site weather station 2
SiteTime Site clock controller
Last Update 5/14/1999