Using the DLT drives on vortex

General Guide to GB Computing Tape Drives

The device names of the Tandberg DLT8000 are:
  • /dev/rmt/2 or /dev/rmt/2n (no rewind).
  • /dev/rmt/3 or /dev/rmt/3n (no rewind).

To select tape density, use the "Density Select" button on the left side of the front panel.

  1. Load the tape into the drive and wait for calibration to complete. The "Tape in Use" LED will stop blinking and remain on. The left side "Density" LED will indicate the tape's prerecorded density.
  2. Select density using the "Density Select" button. Press the button as many times as necessary to illuminate the LED next to the desired density. Your selection will not take effect until the drive begins to write from the BOT.

For DLTtape IV, density defaults to 40.0GB native or 80GB (assuming 2:1 compression) with compression on. Capacity of 35.0GB native (compression off) or 70.0GB, compressed (assumming 2:1 compression), OR 20.0GB native (compression off) or 40.0GB, compressed (assuming 2:1 compression), is user-selectable.

See manual for density information on other media.

A hardcopy of the documentation for the drive is located in the GBT equipment room next to the drive. You can also visit visit or click here for a pdf file of the documentation.

Blank DLT tapes are available for data transport from Pete Chestnut (extension 2296).


Last modified: Monday July 15, 2002