The Green Bank Telescope


GBT 4mm Receiver Project Book

Chapter 7, Ygor Messages

Author: Mark Whitehead

Gregorian Manager Ygor Messages

Message Severity
MCB Read Error. Warning
MCB Write Error. Warning
The Cryo Refrigerator is under LOCAL control. Notice
The Cal Control is under LOCAL control. Warning
Receiver cryogenics not in COOL mode. Notice
Check receiver refrigerator temperature. Warning
Check receiver power supplies. Warning
Check receiver dewar vacuum. Warning
Check LO power level. Warning

Manager Base Ygor Messages

Message Severity
[Message] initialization failed. Fatal
Scan starts (TODO) Warning
Activate inhibited because of illegal value. Error
[Parameter] activate failed. Fault
Manager is hung in aborting. Fatal
Received an ignored activate while in [state]. Notice
Zero scan length. Notice


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