1. Introduction


	You've submitted an observing proposal to use the 140 Foot
Telescope and it has been accepted!  But, you never used the telescope
before or it's been years since you were in Green Bank and you forgot
how to use the telescope.  And, to top it off, you begin to wonder
from the size of the telescope manuals whether Tolstoy has been
reincarnated as an NRAO radio astronomer.

	This handbook, a condensed version of the larger manual
"Computer Assisted Observing: The 140 Foot Manual -- 4th Edition,
November 1990" (hereafter, CAO), is designed to assist observers who
are not very familiar with the 140 Foot Telescope.  Keep the CAO by
your side while reading the handbook since the CAO contains more
complete details on different subjects.  Some of the material in the
handbook does not originate from the CAO but from other manuals,
internal memos, technical reports, and the undocumented, almost
folkloric practices of long-time users of the telescope.  If you need
any telescope documentation, contact Telescope Services at Green Bank.

	First-time users of the telescope should arrive in Green Bank
one or two WORKING days before the start of the observing run so that
they can meet with the staff to discuss the proposed observations.
Ph.D. advisors should observe with their students on their student's
first experiment.  The "Friend of the Telescope", who advises
observers in planning the observations and assists if problems arise,
should be able to either answer most questions or direct you to the
correct person.  However, staff members expect that you have at least
tried to learn something about the telescope and its software before
seeking help.  Don't look for help if you have not looked through the
manuals.  We do not support remote observing.

	Newcomers to the telescope should read the complete handbook;
experienced users may need to skim through a few sections.