C. Commonly Used Observing Procedures


CAL -- Measures the level of the noise source for A/D observations at
the current position of the telescope.
OFFON - Moves the telescope between two specified positions and
collects A/D data at those locations; used for measuring the antena
temperature of source.
POINT - Pointing procedure that will display the pointing corrections
on the operator's CRT.  The corrections will not be used unless the
operator is satisfied with the observation and dials them into the
PEAK -- Same as POINT except used when pointing within a deck;
pointing corrections, regardless of how good, will be used for all
subsequent observations until another PEAK or manually reset.
CROSS - Slews the telescope both vertically and horizontally through a
CTRK -- Tracks a position in the sky for a specified duration.
HMAP -- Performs a series of slew scans in the horizontal direction;
the vertical coordinte is incremented for each scan, producing a map
of specified size.
VMAP -- Same as HMAP except vertical slew scans are performed and the 
horizontal coordinates is incremented.
TIP --- Measures atmospheric opacities by tipping the antenna.

NOTE: The above procedures use the A/D's; except for CAL, OFFON, and
TIP, they can be modified to use the DCR.

Spectral Line:

SPWR -- SPOWER scan, either beam switched with the nutator or
frequency switched.
SMANY - Repeats SPWR scans for as many times as desired
SGRID - Moves the telescope through a grid of points taking SPOWER
scans at each position.  The observer specifies the size of the grid.
SFOC -- Changes the focus of the telescope between SPOWER scans by a
specified amount (usually +_ 1/8 of a wavelength); the observer
specifies the number of times to repeat the series of observations.
TON --- Takes a single on TPOWER scan at a specified location.
TOFF -- Takes a single off TPOWER scan at a specified location.
TMANY - Alternates between on and off TPOWER scans at two specified
locations.  The observer chooses how many times to repeat the cycle.
TGRID - Moves the telescope through a grid of points taking on TPOWER
scans at each position.  Off TPOWER scan are performed at a specified
location before the start of the map, before the start of strips in
the map, or before every on TPOWER scan.  The observer specifies the
grid size.
DBLBO - Repeats a double beam switched observations for as many times
as desired.

NOTE: In the above procedures, the observer can choose between various
options as to how to balance the A/C.