Interference Reports

The following are images of the interference monitoring done by Rick Fisher that was started in May of 1995. The original version of this page was created by Samantha Fore and is located here. I have converted all of the postscript images to jpg format so they can be viewed in a netscape window as requested. Other information that Samantha has written on the interference monitoring are listed below.

Data Acquisition and Analysis
Comments on Interference Monitoring

Click on a frequency range below to view the data from the interference observations.

50-88 MHz
300-350 MHz
350-410 MHz
500-575 MHz
570-645 MHz
640-715 MHz
710-750 MHz
750-815 MHz
810-885 MHz
880-955 MHz
950-990 MHz
970-1010 MHz
1000-1065 MHz
1060-1135 MHz
1130-1205 MHz
1200-1275 MHz
1270-1345 MHz
1340-1380 MHz
1360-1430 MHz
1410-1450 MHz
1620-1695 MHz
1690-1730 MHz
3200-3275 MHz
3270-3345 MHz
3360-3400 MHz